Mahesh Raut in his college

"I’m just a gram sabha activist. Without the gram sabha, I’m nobody"



Mahesh Raut on the field

A trusted aide, a helpful brother, a kind companion, a brilliant young mind, the kind our country should be proud of, the kind who definitely shouldn’t be spending his best years, behind bars, on unproven charges.


He was arrested on June 6, 2018.

A 33-year-old young bahujan activist, he rose from a humble background and was working against all odds to strengthen grassroots parliamentary processes and structures of decentralised democracy in the indigenous and forested areas of Gadchiroli in the state of Maharashtra - parts that are still lying in deep despair and disparity after 73 years of independence.

He was arrested on June 6, 2018.

Mahesh has been suffering from an acute ulcerative colitis condition for a long time now. He lost seven kilos in just a month while in jail and was undergoing treatment for the same in Nagpur when he was arrested. His bail has been rejected twice, the trial on the case has not yet begun. Mahesh’s spirit is strong despite his health condition. He has been occupying himself by reading, writing and yoga; he recently even procured a diploma in Human Rights with first class marks, while being incarcerated. He is thinking of pursuing his PhD next.

Mahesh loves to paint and travel and to have unending sessions of ‘adda’ (light conversation) with his friends and family.

Today, he continues to languish in jail, deprived of all of these.



"Mahesh had the courage to choose a difficult path at such a young age and an attempt to silence his voice is an attempt to silence the voices and aspirations of youth from interior  regions like Gadchiroli. It is an attempt to discourage youngsters like Mahesh from entering activism and politics." - Shubham, Mahesh's Friend