Why it matters?

Today, it is not only Mahesh Raut, but a number of activists, professors, poets, writers, etc. who are being targeted for fighting for the constitutional rights of the marginalised and voicing their dissent with authoritarian regimes and exploitative practices.


The draconian UAPA law is being used to silence these voices.


Mahesh had the courage to choose a difficult path at such a young age and an attempt to silence his voice is an attempt to silence the voices and aspirations of youth from interior  regions like Gadchiroli. It is an attempt to discourage youngsters like Mahesh from entering activism and politics.
- Shubham, Mahesh’s friend


Mahesh has received unprecedented support from the community, citizens, his friends and colleagues or simply well-wishers, some of who he probably has never even met. For that we are very very grateful. 300 gram sabhas from Etapalli and Bhamragad tehsils of Gadchiroli have passed a resolution in his support. Former PMRD Fellows also issued a statement strongly condemned his wrongful arrest, demanding UAPA charges against him to be dropped, unconditional release, and immediate medical attention to be given to him. Jairam Ramesh, Former UPA Minister for Rural Development when Mahesh served as a PMRD Fellow and senior Congress leader, endorsed this statement wholeheartedly. His co-workers, former classmates, former teachers stand with Mahesh and his family in this tough time.